Behind the brand

Hey There! 

We are living in a very different world right now & with external change often comes an internal one. 

Lock downs & restrictions certainly got us thinking about our local community. We feel pretty lucky in Australia, we are proud of our relaxed culture and natural beauty, but having less has made us think about what we actually need? What is really important? How do we show support for each other when we can't physically see them? And what do we want when the world goes back into some sort of normality?

Everyone will answer these questions differently.

For us we wanted to support local manufacturing and create quality jobs for people. We also support local businesses by partnering with those who use local resources. 

We also began to care more about the planet than we ever had before, suddenly treading softly on the earth was the most beautiful things we could do.

Our business strongly supports the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle philosophy and we have implemented a continuous improvement program. I have definitely found that the more you learn about your impact, the more you need to learn, it is an ongoing discovery. 

Trixi means 'she who brings happiness' and this is at the core of our mission. We feel strongly that this goodness starts at the origins of the materials we source, all the way through to the community we enjoy. 

We are an optimistic bunch and we hope to share some of that goodness with you.